How to Rent

5 Steps for
Starting Stay

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    First of all, please confirm the contents of Rental Agreement carefully. After then, please confirm the apartment list and pick up the room type on your preference. If you have questions, please fill out the form Inquiry.

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    By Mail

    1) Fill out the form Application on the page of the room type chosen.
    2) The prior confirmation terms will be send back to you, so send your confirmation back to us.
    3) The contract screening and confirmation of the availability will be carried out,
      so we will be able to reply to you at least within 2 days.

    • We will perform a routine background check for rental applications. We reserve the right to deny applications based on the outcomes of such background checks.
    • We will request you to pay the deposit in the case that you pay the rent monthly.
    • We may ask you to show the ID issued by the comany or the institution for which you work in Japan to our office.
    • Rental agreements is considered to take effect upon receipt of payment.
    • Post-enactment cancellations incur the cancellation fee of JPY 10,000 per room, and additional cancellation charges may be asked.
    • Company security guards may visit rental properties in order to ensure customer safety. Personnel may ask for proof of identification in the course of such visits. Customer cooperation in such matters is appreciated.
    • Pets are not allowed under any circumstances, unless otherwise specified. Should pets be found in residence after occupation has commenced, we reserve the right to terminate rental agreements immediately and to file claims for restitution in the event that damages have resulted from such pet habitation.

    By PhoneThe applications within 3 days from today can be accepted only by phone.

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    Please note that you can pay ONLY THE APPLICATION FEE JPY 10,000 in advance and
    the payment is acceptable only after the application is accepted and confirmed formally.
    The 3 options below are prepared for your payment.

    • 1Online Credit Card Payment

      Refer to Link for Online Credit Card Payment

    • 2Bank Transfer

      Confirm the bank information below and make the payment. The bank fees both
      at a remitting bank and payee bank are required to pay on an applicant's side.

      【Bank Information】

      The Bank of
      Isezakicho Branch
      (Branch Code:314)
      Yokohama Weekly Co., Ltd
    • 3Payment at Office

      Japanese Cash and Credit Card Only

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    Move in

    Basically, all applicants are required to come by our main office, located on the 1st floor of
    Isezakicho Apartment, during the application hours only between 14:00 and 19:30 on
    their move in date for the renting procedure.
    Usually, it takes about 15 minutes for a renting procedure as below :

    • 1

      Confirmation of Rental Agreement and Detailed Conditions for Contract
      All applicants are required to pay attention to the confirmation because the contract
      will be cancelled in the case that the breach of the rental agreement and conditions.

    • 2

      Submission of Application Document
      All applicants are required to fill out an application form including
      the information about all tenants.

    • 3

      Production of Identification Documents
      A valid passport and resident card (if issued at the immigration) are considered
      as official identification documents. In the case that the staying period is
      3 months or more, the identification document issued by the company
      or institution for which the applicants work for is required in addition.

    • 4

      Payment of Balance
      With the payment of the balance of a total amount, the renting procedure
      is completed. Depending on the details of an application, a deposit may be
      required to pay in addition. A deposit can be paid only by Japanese cash.

    Another option for the renting procedure named "Onsite Key Delivery” is available, too.
    If you can complete the necessary procedure in advance, you will be able to pick up
    the key from the customer box installed around the entrance of the apartment during
    the specific hours on the move in date.
    If you are interested in this option, please make contact with us for details.

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    Move out

    • 1

      Move out Time
      All tenants are required to move out a room at least until noon on a move out date.

    • 2

      Return of Key
      The key for a room or parking lot is required to drop into the key box,
      located on the 1st floor of the apartment, at least until noon on
      a move out date. After then, the tenants are required to call the main office
      and inform that the keys have already been dropped into the key box.

    • 3

      Items Left behind
      All the personal belongings should be taken out on departure. The items left behind
      will be considered as castoffs and disposed and the disposal fee will be required
      to pay when incurred.

    • 4

      Additional Charge
      Basically, a room should be returned to an original condition on departure.
      In the case that heavy stain in a room, damage or loss of the furnishing is found,
      the compensation will be required to pay in addition. A surplus will be required
      to pay if utility costs exceed a base amount.