No.2 Maita Apartment Guest House

Guest House

Guest House is a particular room type. Compare with other room types, no wide living space and facility for cooking are available, but all tenants can have a private
space with low price. They are required to share a coin-shower and toilets located in a public space. Guest House is our new proposal for stay in Yokohama.
If you are interested in this room type, please fill out "Inquiry" above.



2-29 Miyamotocho Minami-ku Yokohama Kanagawa JAPAN



-From Narita/Haneda Airport-
1.Take Bus to YCAT (YCAT HP)
2.Take Train to Yokohama Station (JR HP)

3 min walk from Maita station (Yokohama Municipal Subway)
12 min walk from Minamiota station (Keihin Kyuko Line )


1 (*Only Registered Tenants Can Go into Floor)

Room Type

No Kitchen/No Bathroom/8 sqm/1 Bed
All Rooms Located on 1st Floor


7-29 Days
( Tax Included )
1-2 month
( Tax Exempt )
3-6 month
( Tax Exempt )
7 month-
( Tax Exempt )
Rental Rate JPY 3,025/day JPY 2,550/day
JPY 76,500/month
JPY 2,500/day
JPY 75,000/month
JPY 2,450/day
JPY 73,500/month
Utility Costs JPY 220/day JPY 200/day
JPY 6,000/month
JPY 200/day
JPY 6,000/month
JPY 200/day
JPY 6,000/month
Maintenance Fee JPY 165/day JPY 150/day
JPY 4,500/month
JPY 150/day
JPY 4,500/month
JPY 150/day
JPY 4,500/month
Cleaning Cost ¥110/day JPY 100/day
JPY 3,000/month
JPY 100/day
JPY 3,000/month
JPY 100/day
JPY 3,000/month
Deposit None JPY 15,000/stay


  • LCD TV
  • Electric Kettle
  • Compact Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Hair Dryer
  • Bed
  • Linen
  • LAN Cable

Share Facilities

  • Washing Machine
  • Drying Machine
  • Toilet
  • Coin Shower
  • Sink Cabinet
  • Microwave