Online Credit Card Payment

Online Credit Card Payment Flow

Online Credit Card Payment is available for the payments by the applicants and tenants.

We have the business tie-up with GMO Payment Gateway Inc., so the payment system with strict security is available by SSL.

Please confirm the contents below, fill out the blanks and click "Confirm".

The amount paid cannot be refunded after the payment is completed, so please note that the payer can make the payment only after the formal application

is accepted or the payment is confirmed with our office.

In the case that the payer tries to cancel or receive the refund after the payment is completed, the loss or additional commission will be charged.

The loss or additional commission should be confirmed with the credit card company.

*Mandatory Item/Information Used Only for Confirmation of Payment

Name of Payer:

Mail Address:

※After the confirmation of the payment, we will inform it to the payer by e-mail.
Please note that the mail will not be sent back to the payer automatically with the payment.


Input Amount and Press "Confirm"


◆Privacy Policy

In order to avoid the loss, misuse and modification, we take the security measures strictly as below :

  1. 1) We save the personal information under the environment in which the general users cannot access.
  2. 2) By encrypting the critical information (Name, Mail Address, Credit Card Number, etc.), we keep the environment which the payer
    and GMO Payment Gateway Inc. can exchange the personal information directly.
  3. 3) We don’t disclose or offer the personal information without the permission of the payer excluding the following cases :
    1. a) The payer agrees to disclose own personal information.
    2. b) It is necessary to exchange the personal information with the financial institution or the credit card company
      to confirm the validity of the bank account or credit card.
    3. c) We can judge reasonably that we need to disclose or offer the personal information to secure or protect
      other payers' rights and our rights, properties and safety.
    4. d) We are required to disclose the personal information according to the law.
    5. e) Otherwise, it is necessary to disclose or offer the personal information to manage this service.

◆Credit Card Payment (*Operated by GMO Payment Gateway Inc.)

1) Available Credit Cards
VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS and Diners Club INTERNATIONAL are available.

Online Credit Card

The payment information is directly input on the site of GMO Payment Gateway Inc., so it will not be leaked to the outside.
It will be secured with 128 bit encrypted communication by SSL.

2) Name of Claimant
The name of the claimant is listed as "Yokohama Weekly" on the credit card bill.
The billing date changes depending on the credit card companies.
In most cases, the billing date will be 1 or 2 months later.

◆Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Governing Body Yokohama Weekly Co., Ltd.
Job Description Furnished Apartment/Car Parking
Operation Director Keiji Hanai
Location 5-130 Isezakicho Naka-ku Yokohama Kanagawa JAPAN
Postal Code : 231-0045
Phone Number 045-231-0054
Mail Address
Rent Table Refer to Each Room Page of Web Site
Business Hour 9:00 to 20:00
Holiday Open Year Round
Application Mail or Call
Payment Bank Transfer/Credit Card/Japanese Cash
Rental Agreement