Privacy Policy

Yokohama Weekly Co., Ltd. is committed to confidentiality and privacy on our customers’ personal information obtained during the process of our business. We strictly observe privacy laws and regulations according to applicable laws of Japan. Our privacy policy generally includes the following terms and conditions :

  1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information generally means customers' name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address and other kinds of information that can isolate and identify an individual from others. We exercise due care and protect this kind of information in the course of business.

  2. Purpose of Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

We use personal information in order to offer better quality of business and service to our customers. The information is used only for introducing business and service within a necessary range, therefore it will not be used for other purposes.

  3. Management and Protection of Personal Information

For the prevention and avoidance of loss, falsification and leak of personal information, we will handle the information properly with an appropriate management system.

  4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal Information will be managed and protected properly, so it will not be disclosed to third parties without customers' consent. However, in any of the following circumstances, we may disclose the information :

  1. When the disclosure of the information is required by laws
  2. When the disclosure of the information is required in order to protect customers' life, health, livelihood, or property
  3. When any of governmental or local governmental agencies and divisions require the pursuit of their official business, and to obtain customers' consent
    inhibits their intended actions

  5.Share of Personal Information

We may share personal information with our outsourcing contractors. In the case, the information will be shared within a necessary range in order to fulfill a contract. The contractors are bound in managing the information properly.

  6. Procedures to Meet Requests for Disclosure and Others

We take necessary measures to identify the person requesting own personal information. Also, we take necessary measures to verify legal representative authority for agents. In the case, we disclose the information listed on the 1st term 1. Definition of Personal Information only. However, the information is not disclosed in the following cases :

  1. When life is at risk on customers or any others; harmful acts to customers or any others; and/or any property damages are contemplated
  2. When there is a risk of significantly hindering the proper performance of our business
  3. When violation of laws is confirmed

  7. Correction, Addition and Deletion of Personal Information

We endeavors to manage personal information accurately and up to date. After customers identity verification and necessary investigation, the correction,
addition and deletion of the information are carried out within a reasonable time and range.

  8. Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Provision to Third Parties

With customers identity verification, the suspension of the use of the information and the provision to the third parties are carried out promptly.

  9. Review of Handling of Personal Information

We appropriately review and improve the handling of the information and disclose the contents promptly.

10. Precaution

On the access to this web site, we are not responsible or held liable for any breach of security when personal information is sent with an external system. Please be careful when you handle the information.

11. Complaints and Consultation

For the complaints and consultation for this privacy policy, please send an e-mail to the address below.
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